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Some of the Films/TV shows in which Armstrong Siddeleys have appeared

"See if you can spot any of these and perhaps add to our list. Contact us if you find any other examples or give us the correct titles for some of these films/TV shows… "

"Time Cop" -  1930s model ??

"Seven Deadly Sins" - Sapphire

"A Bridge Too Far" - Hurricane

"Bedazzled" - Sapphire

"Double Exposure" - Sapphire

"Heartbeat" - second series - Sapphire

"The Blue Sapphire" (1950s film) - Sapphire a web page contact states that the car was "driven very quickly by a particularly attractive lady who had a habit of stealing Sapphires (gems)".

Blot on the Landscape (Series on ABC 2) - Hurricane (crashes in a ditch)

"Patton" the story of General Patton. He drives a Hurricane swerving around a horse drawn vehicle and then crashes into a ditch.

Cliff Richards film (name??). Group drive all around London in a new Hurricane.

"The Red Baron" Vintage 14H.P. was a staff car for both the Germans and the British

"Went the Day Well" Vintage 18 H.P. appears. Film based on novel by Graham Greene.

Roses Bloom Twice - Sapphire (TV film)

Once a Queen: The Jacaranda Festival.  features a blue Hurricane

Agatha Christies Murder Mystery "4.50 from Paddington"  Sapphire bringing guests to the manor (mystery set in 1951 which is too early for a Sapphire!)

A Typhoon appears as a police car  in the film “Stage Fright” made in 1950.

An Armstrong Siddeley 14 hp tourer (1924-28 vintage) appeared in a children’s “Disneyland” thriller “The Secret of Boyne Castle”.  It reaches its destination emitting gear growls and steam. Subsequently it is used to tow a glider airborne.

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Detective drove off in a gleaming Armstrong Siddeley in the Murder Mystery  "Call the Dying"  by Andrew Taylor.

The Chains of Heaven: an Ethiopian Romance by Philip Marsden: describes the delivery in 1907 of an 18hp Siddeley to Emperor Menelick on Addis Ababa

Did you know??

    Sir Day Hort Bosanquet was the first Governor of South Australia to own a car, and it was a 1909 18hp Siddeley !