18hp Takes Off!


  Vertical Scroll: ARMSTRONG SIDDELEY 
Specifications: 2 litre OHV, Preselector Gearbox
Colour: Empire Maroon
Purchased  Melbourne:1978 
Restoration completed: 2006



The Story:...

We owned a 20 hp AS and in 1978 decided to purchase another Armstrong Siddeley for restoration.  The Lancaster was found unregistered and unloved and although we agreed to pay $200, we were too late. Someone had got there first.   However, 2 weeks later we received a call from a solicitor finalizing a deceased Estate which included the Lancaster.   It was sitting in the Railway yard in Melbourne and as it would not start; staff would not load it onto the train.   I was offered the car providing I collected it immediately which I did, towing it to our home at Ringwood.  We were now nave, but proud owners of a maroon AS Lancaster .


The engine and gearbox were removed and checked and the engine was fully reconditioned.  Meanwhile we began to dissemble the car.  It was complete but shabby inside and had had a front-end collision that had bent the guards and demolished the grill.  The restoration came to a temporary halt when we found we were expecting twins to add to our existing family.  The restoration began again in earnest a few years later when all of the rust was cut out of the body and patched.  The chassis was dipped.


Another halt was called when in 1982 we moved to Adelaide.  The Lancaster was dry stored in Victoria and then eventually trailered to Adelaide.  The restoration proceeded slowly until 1997 when I retired giving more time to project.  The Lancaster was substantially complete in 2006.   This early Lancaster has rather quaint features, such as a clock incorporated in the rear-view mirror and contrasting trim being maroon leather in the front and grey cord in the rear. With its pre-select gearbox this is an easy car to drive, and we look forward to many happy miles in our treasure!"